Sunday, March 14, 2010

New articles...

It seems lately that I have attracted new clothing to my life.....
as noted before I hardly ever shop, and when I do... its for exactly what I want.

First article of clothing: Michael Jackson inspired jacket from a vintage shop in downtown Oakland
(via Grandmother):

And under the jacket, a ruffled halter balck satin shirt.... (also via GM.)

So this gorgeous black shirt inspired me to buy a new strapless bra... because there is nothing less attractive then a beautiful shirt ruined by bra straps.  So I go to Victoria Secret and get professionally messured.. apparently I am two cups bigger then I thought I was.... go figure.  Thank you Oprah... inspiring me to go get properly messured.
Anywho.... I went out and bought three knew bras, and I feel like a NEW WOMAN! HOOO RAH!
Feeling so good that I went out and bought new jeans at express... hmm totally unlike me.

The first pair need to be returned because I underestimated my size and

I bought them one size smaller then I really am. *sigh*.

All in all, I made out this weekend and it feels LIBERATING!


  1. Seriously? Can I raid your closet? You have SUCH cute clothes and I love the pictures! Fabulous, girl!

  2. Very nice clothes. One of the first women I have heard say they don't shop often and only for what they need!!