Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40's Earings, New Clothes & Bloggy Button!

My Grandma gave me these eargings a few days ago.  She wore these in the forties!  They are super vintage and I love them so.  Their big, their blue and their perfect for my new "bold" statement theme.
She is such a fashionable lady!
Speaking of.... her and my Mom got me a new vest and dress from one of their favorite boutiques....
I'm thinking I need to wear this dress as soon as possible with leggings and my knee high brown boots, while I still can... the good weather will be upon us soon!

Oh and!  If you all haven't already noticed, I have a blog button! I feel like such an official blogger now!
Thank you Kassie for the great design!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out V! And for putting my button on your sidebar! You have such a fun blog:)

  2. Oh, and thank you for not having those annoying things where I have to type in silly words before I can comment:):)

  3. Nice earrings! Actually, nice everything.

    I love that dress, even though I don't wear dresses myself. This is really only because I've yet to find one that I think I look good in. Except my wedding dress, of course!

    I hope you're feeling better!!!

    Oh and yay for your bloggy button. I'll have to grab that... May take me a while though, my blog roll page HATES ME. :P

  4. Those earrings are amazing! I've been digging big earrings lately and those are just absolutely wonderful.

  5. i just put your cute button on my blog!

  6. I am a huge vest fan! Love it! Enjoying your blog :)

  7. Love the dress and the blog button is too cute! :)