Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teal is my new Black/Creeper Cop Incident

I'm still sick, not sick enough to stay in bed but sick enough to not be able to have my runny nose running all over work . But I HAD to get out of the house (and take a photo-shoot) I put on my teal tank, my black jogging pants and a little bit of blush and hit the neighborhood.
Have I ever mentioned that I ABSOLUTELY adore the color teal?
I normally stick with dark/neautral colors, black, brown white, beige, gray.. etc etc... not a lot of bright colors go with pale with skin and dark hair.  But teal does!!!! & I love love love it! 
It makes me feel good.

Want to know what else makes me feel good?  My new photo shop editor!
Isn't the collage above just fantastic?
Thanks Kim for turning me onto Picasa- By Google... and it's free to download!
You can find it here!

So now to the juicey/creeper part of the post:

Something creepy and so odd happened to me while I was taking my walk. I live in a really nice neighborhood, so I feel safe going out all by my lonesome, so I am three blocks away from my house, and this dark car is creepin behind me... I keep on walking, listening to my ipod.  It creeps behind me until I hit the main street, cross and go into safeway.  I pick up my soup and salad, head back and the car is creepin behind me AGAIN!.  When slowly it pulls up to me... when I notice that it is an UNDER COVER COP!

Cop- "Hi, there! How are you? Didn't want you to think I was going to run over you"
Me- "Oh -giggles- That's ok. I am fine thanks!"
INSIDE MY HEAD: What the heck.... this is so random, Did I jay walk or something?
Cop: " What are you listening too?"
Me- " The Beatles"
Cop -" Oh, old soul!  Listen, I really don't ask this often, but are you single?"
Me- " Umm.. yeah I have a boyfriend, but thanks",
I politely said no as if he was offering me a stog or
Cop- "Well  I am not surprised, have a great day"
Me- " Thanks!"

WHAT THE HECK!?  You know what I get from this whole incident?  Its comforting to know that our California police are out their with their raging horndog hormones picking up on women instead of fighting crime. 
Isn't this just lovely?

Whatever.... I enjoyed my walk... and I am sure he made sure I got home safe... from a few blocks back.


  1. First of all, AWESOME outfit. I adore teal. I have an (exercise) halter that is white, light blue and teal (I wear this everywhere, which is probably a fashion no-no, but WHATEVER.)

    Second, that cop is freakin' creepy. Ew.

  2. hi !! I love your pictures!!!!!
    thanks for following my blog! I really love yours!! def. following u! lol

  3. that is so creepy! but im glad you found a good color you can wear :)

  4. LOL! Was the cop at least good looking? I love teal, it was my wedding color!

  5. You look awesome, as usual. And even though the cop was a little bit creepy, it's flattering too. Haha...

  6. This is funny, yet creepy!

    Cute pictures, and btw.. there is something for you on my latest post :)