Monday, April 5, 2010

Psssh who needs Men?

This was the old spout, it was RIDICULOUS, constantly pouring out large rocks, dripping non-stop, rusty.... All in all, it sucked.  So, I went to home depot and got a whole new one, and yes... installed it all by myself.  GO WOMEN!  We CAN do shit like this around the house, yeah... I admit it took a few google searches, a few questions for the home depot dude, and reading the instructions more then  twice... but all woman are capable of what a man can do, with a little research and a little elbow grease, we can accomplish anything.

A little bit of plumbers tape, to stop the leaking......PLUS the new spout PLUS a shower head =

I have to admit, I couldn't find a way to mount it on the wall, so I asked my Dad for assistance, he will be searching for a bracket tomorrow at work, but all in all, this was my project and I kicked ass.

 Hell yeah for me.


  1. Congrats lady! I'm not allowed near tools, I have "accidents". I'm not handy at all!

  2. Its never too late honey!!! But that is hillarious in a not so funny way. LOL

  3. KUDOS! I would've messed this project up royaly!

  4. so what you're saying is you almost completed a project but you eventually had to ask a man for just messin, nice work

  5. Awesome job- looks fantastic! Wish I could be handy like that! I cannot even put a picture on the wall without the wall getting 1700 holes lol

    Love your blog! :D

  6. NICE SEAN! You big blog jerk! jp jp. Hey I admitted that I needed some sort of help, but I did the dirty work, so it still counts!