Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hoppy (late) Easter

Hoppy Easter!  ....And what a ugly rainy beautiful day it was.
This is my do it myself easter-fied watch band.  The night before Kris broke my leather one, so I just strung a easter-ish ribbon through it, tied a bow (yes with one hand, I'm full of skill like that) and here you have an ester-fied watch. I don't think I will be investing in a new watch band, instead its off to michaels to find every color ribbon I come across for under 5 bucks.  I highly suggest doing this.. it's stylish and saves money.
I spent Easter at my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Fred's house.  It was filled with family, precious moments, laughter, BABIES, love, delicious food and birthday cake!

I hope you all had a wonderful fullfilling Easter.

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  1. The ribbon is a great idea. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great day!