Thursday, April 8, 2010

Victoria Secret Hair

You know what's not fair and totally misleading? Is how perfect and flawless of the Victoria Secret models look like in their catalogs.  I mean really?  If they really want real woman to buy and wear their products then why don't they puta few not so skinny models in one of their bikinis, or have a model with a pimple and no cover up wearing one of their lacey sexy bras. Or better yet how about a model who's hair is not professionally done but rather air dried, afro status.... will this still make their clothes appealing?
The answer is most likely and probably not.

Here's what I learned tonight, sexy, bouncy, full, volume infused hair can make the most ugly old casual kick back clothes look like they belong in a catalog. hmm... ironic?

SEX-AY Hair and Photo's by the FATASTIC BFF. Kimbereley Bold.
(She knows her shit)

I loved it so much that I begged her to wake up early on Saturday to come and do this same exact thing to my hair for my hot celebrate-my birthday all day-with my boyfriend date. 
Maybe I can get her to wake up every morning and do this? Yeah right fat chance I know.
But damn, wouldn't it feel nice to walk around every day feeling like you belong in a magazine.


  1. Love the hair! Lady, you do belong in a magazine!

  2. Ooooo la la! I wish you could do this to my hair - I can't ever get it to hold a curl!

  3. very nice!!! post pics when it's done!! Sometimes i wish I had long hair so I could curl it like this.

  4. Woo La La beautiful hair! I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to invest in some hair rollers to get my va va voom in my hair. Give me that and an airbrush and some great photoshop'ing skills and I'll be VS ready!

  5. What kind of rollers did you use?! That looks AWESOME!

  6. Thank you ladies for all the compliments! I love curly hair, but only when its done by someone else!LOL. My best friend Kim, who did this wonderful doo, also bought me these curlers two christmas's ago from Target. Their just plain old hot curlers, large and small. She moused my dry hair, put the rollers in, hair sprayed, left in for ten minutes then taken out and hair sprayed again.

  7. Your hair looks great. The picture almost makes me miss my long hair.

  8. love the sexy hair! i've got the length, but my hair wont hold a curl at all :(

  9. I left something for you on my blog lady!