Monday, April 26, 2010

Whistle While I work.... do doo do doo do doo...

When I left for my Mom's.... this was how my room looked.  I really had had enough of life... enough of work, enough of this, enough of that... enough of everything. I left life how it was and ran for the hills (literally)

When I returned, much to my dismay... things were exactly how I had left them. Oh reality at its best.

So today, I cleaned... I did all the crap I was putting off for the past 72 hours (plus a little more).
This inculded:
* Sorting all my 2010 bills into an organized file folder. I've been putting this off for four months now.

* Cleaning/Vacuuming my car.
*Sweaping & Vacuuming my room
*Laundry... Laundry... Laundry.... enough said.
*Plus- I cleaned the Kitchen. Put away all the dishes, cleaned the counter, swept and mopped.
By the time I was done with everything this is how my room looked.....
I am dead tierd, and the worst part.... tomorrow I am headed back to work. 
Tomorrow during the middle of the day, when I am dreading to be home. I will not take cleaning for granted.


  1. Wow, you did a great job!

    I MUST clean our room. I have three bad traits that do not go well with cleanliness.


    Oi. >.< I can handle the big stuff - throwing away old boxes no longer in use, gather clothing for laundry, etc. But it's actually all the little stuff that gets me in a tizzy.

  2. Can you come do my apartment, please? Or send me some motivation. I have none.

  3. Your room looks great! I hate cleaning, my husband cleans. He is a clean freak and very organized. He is not allowed to organize my closet or drawers though, I hate it when he puts my stuff away in the wrong place!

  4. Your bed looks cool. I always find when my room is a mess, I can't be bothered to do anything. It's like a vicious circle.

  5. great job! i really love your bed!

  6. Hmmm, something looks wrong here. Are you sure that your cat didn't do all the work? I mean she is sitting in the empty laundry basket and it the middle of the clean room. So she is either trying to take your credit, or her paws did a lot of folding and picking up.

  7. Cleaning. It's definitely something I put off until the last second but always feels so good while I do it and the after effects. A clean house just makes everything else seem to flow more smoothly. :)

  8. Hello Miss V! I am now a proud follower of your blog as well. =]
    You're room is so adorable! I just "semi" cleaned my room, I need more motivation (and time) to do the actual deep cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and such...

    Ellie Grace

  9. i love your bed...super cute (stopping by from sits)

  10. I love the way the cat is also in his/her proper place at the end of the clean. Classic.