Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging: A few things...

So, I've been blogging for about two years now, and just recently thanks to 20SB I gained readers. Readers that I have made friends with! Blogging has definitely added some joy to my life, and it is something that I really enjoy doing, and indulging in. But I think there are a few things about blogging that I have learned that I would like to share with everyone, whether that be my readers, family, or anonymous people who are thinking about blogging. So here it goes :


Dear Blogger,  I know your trying to eliminate spam, but really.... can't you come up with an easier way?  Yes, I can spell... I can spell ridiculous words that AREN'T in the dictionary.  It's such a hassle, seriously everytime I want to leave a comment and this comes up after I press "Post Comment" I literally SIGH.
I hate these.

Blogger set up/ defaults
Blogger, Why do you switch things up on us when I was just getting used to the LAST update you made.  Take it easy buddy... slow down.  And do us all a favor and ASK us before you go changing everything. I dislike trying to get used to a whole new lay out and using new things when all I want to do is BLOG!

Why doesn't blogger have spell check?  It used to, and then one day BAM! No more, and I am forced to copy and paste every entry that I make into Word, because Word is friendly and will do me the favor of telling me what I spelt wrong. I don't like this either.


I'm done complaing about blogger.... onto comments and blog friends.

Blog Friends:  This is something that I have really enjoyed since gaining readers.  Making friends and reading about their lives, and getting their comments and commenting on their posts and so forth....

Comments: I am about to share the secret to gaining comments.... this is very sacred so take it into consideration because it is TRUE.  If you want more comments here is the way to get them.....
drum roll please..
It works. and why it works is a simple theory.  When people comment on my posts, I think...
" Wow, they took the time out to share their comments on my posts, I should check out their blog and do the same"
And then I do.... its a cycle.  You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours.

All in all, I love this world.  This crazy blog world.


  1. YES! I hate word verification! I don't have it on my blog because I just know how annoyed I am by it.

    And commenting on other people's blogs is the best way to gain followers! I've totally seen it in my life, although I haven't been as diligent as finding new blogs to comment on as I have been in the past. Will get back to it after this semester!

  2. BUT WAIT!

    Girly, you're a contradiction. ;) You know you have word verification on this blog?!

  3. LOLOL LEAVE IT TO STEPHANY TO POINT ME OUT. I know I know, in my defense, It is on DEFAULT and I changed it right after I read this comment. :) LOL

  4. Lady, I hate those word verification things too, does my blog have that? I have no clue! Thanks for putting my button on your blog! I just noticed that the button links to the girl who designed my blog, not my blog! I fixed the link, would you mind copying the new code? Thanks!

  5. Sure no problem Star, actually I was the one who emailed Kassie about that, I wasnt sure if it was supposed to be linked to yours or not...

  6. Thanks so much girl! I never noticed until today!

  7. This post made me giggle! I can't stand those verification codes either, because each time you click something, the song on the page repeats. And you end up clicking post, then submit, then whatever else, and by the time you are finished posting your comment you have heard the beginning of their song about three times...
    As for the spell check, I luckily have Windows Live Writer, where it gives me that much-adored red squiggly line to tell me of my silly mistakes before I share them with the world!
    I think I very much like your blog, V. Yes, I do. =]

    Ellie Grace

  8. Btw, my blog is totally messed up right now, I dont know what happened but my posting page is all different. I have a spell check button!

  9. I don't really like the word verification thing either. Except for a laugh every now and then! (Psss, do I have one on my blog? >.>)

    And yeah, I was pretty confused with Blogger changing on me.

    Also, commenting IS great! I only comment if I like someone's blog and I have so many people I follow, plus so many bookmarked blogs.

    And I try and comment on them whenever I see a post that catches my attention, that I really like/agree with or just want to talk to the blogger. It's great!

  10. I have been annoyed about the missing spell checker on blogger to! Luckily, I just switched to chrome, and they have it..If not I don't know what I'd do!

  11. I hate them too!! I disabled them on mine!

    from: http://notjustanotherblondeinbeijing.blogspot.com