Monday, May 3, 2010

Cat Lady Post

I have a confession to make.  I am a bad Cat mom.  Yeah I said it.
Chole has had the same collar for over six months now. In fact, this morning, I noticed that the once light lime green collar I purchased for her a few months ago was now a dark brown.Shame on me.
So today I washed it....Here's my excuses:
1. her hair is semi-long and 2. she's just too cute to notice a collar.

(Thats the newest clean verision by the way)

Here's the best part of the story......
I mentioned what I had noticed to Kris today... and that I was going to wash it.
This was his response:
"Babe... we need to get her a whole new collar, the other cats are going to laugh at her. They're going to be like."Psssh... that's the collar they gave you...*laughter".
I looked at Chloe, and then back and him, and noticed it was so true.I obviously laughed.
He is so right.  She deserves a new one.

So, enough if these grocery store cat collars.......I went online.....

If I had it my way.... I would pick either of the following...

But, I have a problem with paying over ONE HUNDRED FREAKING dollars for a cat collar.
Plus... my cats a bi-house cat. LOL. Inside and out. Hence the brown collar. 
I'll save these for when I have a strictly in door cat only.

UNTIL THEN...... These are my choices from PatternandPaw for the low and affordabl price of $12.00

These are my top four. I can't choose....... which one do you like the best...?


  1. Hieeee....

    I liked the first one but don't know whether it will suit your cat...

    and thanks for following me... I am your new follower :-)

  2. I think I like the pink one with skulls. But that's just me. Hehe...

  3. I love the blue one with the white dots!:)x

  4. The pink one with the skulls will look great on Chloe!

  5. Okay, my cat Libby looks like your cat from what I see in this pic. How presh! Ps, I like the turquoise one with polka dots ;)

  6. I wish either of my cats would wear a collar without freaking out. I love the pink one with the skulls!

  7. girlfriend, you are hilarious.

    but could you please go ahead and cough up the dough on that BEAUTIFUL BOW-BEJEWELED collar? i mean, chloe def needs to be able to show the others what they're missing in having you ;)

    i also love the pink one with skulls. sasssssy chloe in the house!

  8. pink with skulls!! it will look great!

  9. I like the pink and the skulls, just 'cause it's bad ass! :P Also, I love cats. Jen and I are without a doubt, cat ladies. But not the lonely weird kind. XD

    We can't wait until we start our new job so we can spoil Wedgie. :P

  10. I like the green one. :-) thanks for reminding me....I haven't gotten my doggie a new collar in ____ months. {too embarassed to insert actual number}.

  11. that blue polka dot one is adorable! love the color

  12. These are all adorable! The pink skulls are my favorite though. So cute!


  13. thanks for sharing! love your blog!

  14. I'm a fan of the third one!

  15. I vote for the blue polkadots!! :)