Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My six year old - twenty three year old sister.

It took me a while to come up with the title of this post. But there you have it..... plain and simple.
This story is worth reading... believe me.
(The pictures posted are in cronological order of our sisterly bond and each one explains our realtionship to the "TEE")
Most people don't understand me when I tell them that my older sister was "adopted" after my brother and I were born. But here's the run down of the story.

So..Colette, this post is for you...
Colette and I met my freshman year and her sophomore year in an art class we had together.  Actually, we got eachother in trouble by writing dirty explicit things on the back of each others chairs and then bonded while in detention.  Its a fairy tale, I know.

Her home situation wasn't the greatest, and we were looking for a room-mate to live in our studio down stairs.  She was making good moneyand could afford it, and we got a long.... so why not?
Now that I look back on it, it was COSMIC... we got a long for a reason, we weren't best friends, we weren't super buddy buddy..... but it was like from the moment we met we were sisters.

So she moved in 2004 ..... In a jist..... here's what the past SIX years went like
*Great Times/Memories
*Clothes/Makeup/Jewelry Sharing
*Arguments/Broken Windows/Vulgar Names/Fists in the air

The last point isn't so fairy tale, but its the truth, its reality.... it's what forms REAL bonds.  and that is exactly what we did. My Dad took on the Father roll soon after she moved in.  Constantly asking her to clean her room, refusing to have her out during a certain time(mind you she was over 18) and voicing his oppinion about the crap guys she was dating (no offense Colette).  He is her Father, and she is her Daughter, and this was formed through a bond. This is so beautiful to me, this is something that brings complete joy to my heart. My Brother so easily took on the little brother roll to her, and she made this happen.  They would take off on aventures to different places, bonding as they drove.... bonding as they were blood sister and brother. This never bothered me, this was never about "sharing my brother".  Colette made it easy.  She let me share him, we bonded as sisters when it came to BOTH having a little brother.  He loves her, and considers her his sister no less then he considers me.

This could of gone completely opposite of how it turned out.  She could of just been a friend who moved in and then moved out a few years later...a tenant.  But it didn't.  It didn't for a reason. She has a Father, and my Father, another daughter.  She has a brother and my brother another sister.
And I?.... I have the older sister I always wanted/needed.

 We were meant for eachother's lives.  End of story.

Happy Birthday Colette!
I love you!


  1. this is soooo sweet!! what a lovely story :)

  2. oooooh. Me likey.... Nice story gal..... And loved the pics.... Happy Birthday Colette

  3. I had a brother once. We got closer and closer as we got older... I was devastated when I found out my parents painted a face on a pet rock.

  4. What a sweet story! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COLETTE!!!

  5. This is so beautiful! I always wished that I had an older sister growing up. It was like fate that you met each other!

    Happy birthday, Colette!

  6. aw, some things are just meant to happen. Happy Birthday Colette!!

    & thanks for the comment on my blog, glad you like it :) but just to clarify, I don't live in NYC if that's the impression you got :( I was just visiting but I have major love for that city too!

  7. I'm a big believer that "blood isn't thicker than water". This story proves that.

  8. how sweet!And trust me I fight with my blood sister more than anyone else. It's a sister thing.

  9. Like OH my GOD, you have ANOTHER award on my blog! :P

  10. Happy birthday to your sissy!

    And thank you SO MUCH for the tip of squeezing a lemon into sprite for nausea; if I had sprite, I would definitely try it tonight. I'll try it soon!


  11. Awe, that's awesome! I have a similar situation with a 'brother' of mine! It's awesome your family could do that for her, teach her so much and help her grow, as I am sure she taught your family a lot, too!

    Yay for fam[ily]!!!