Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers in all shapes and sizes

That's my mom, isn't she beautiful?. She gave birth to me, twenty something years ago.  I was ten pounds nine ounces, and she brought me into this world.  We have not had the conventional Mother-Daughter relationship that's for sure.  We have had more of an un-conventional- insane, abnormal relationship, but all that she put me through, I never loved her any less.  I guess that's what Mother Daughter relationships are... the love never changes, no matter what the tide brings in.  The past is the past, and today... today I can say our relationship is good, and healthy and heart-felt. I may not of had her fully when I was younger, but I have her now.
Happy Mothers Day Mom!
This is my Yia-Yia-  My Grandma. My fashion adviser, my personal stylist.  My tour guide in life.  God I love her, I love her more then I love anything I have ever loved.  And she loves me.  She loves me to where I can really feel it.... to where I know for sure what LOVE is and I compare it to what she gives me. I owe everything that I am to this woman.  Happy Mother's Day Yia-Yia!
This is Deni, my Dad's soon to be fiance, and my aunt.... yeah, I know long story... and no she isn't my Mom's sister. All in all, she is my soon to be step Mama and I love her so.  She has been such a blessing to our family, and the bond we have formed is something that I cherish, and will cherish for the rest of my life. 
Happy Mother's Day Deni!

This is Kris's Mommy.  My hopefully soon to be MIL.  I call her Mum. Goodness do I love her.  I have loved her from the day I met her.  She is not only the most passionate loving mother to Kris and Kris's sister, she is one to everyone in our family, including myself.  I cherish the relationship we have made and are still making.  When I am in need of true guidance in my life, and for advice from someone who will give me an unbiased answer, this is the woman I call.  I love her so much, and I love knowing that she is the woman my grandchildren will one day call grandma/Aji.  Happy Mother's Day Mum!
This is Kris's Grandma, his Nani, and mine.  This woman, she is wonder woman.  The Mother of all Mothers.  She had so many children it's hard to count.  But what a Mother she is, she is hard... stern.. strict... loving... traditional... and the best of all, open to teaching new comers like myself, of her culture.  She was weary at first, but I grew on her, and she one me... and for this I am so thankful.  She wants to teach me Hindi, and how to sew and how to cook and how to do everything and I love her loving willingness. She makes me want to learn it all and soak everything in. 
Happy Mother's Day Nani!

I am incredibly in debt to all of these amazing women who have made me into the woman I am today.  I am constantly learning from these unremarkable role models on how to be a better person, young adult, soon to be wife and mother.  That's what we all need in a mom right?  A Mother is not necessarily someone who gives birth to you, but a figure who molds you into the person that you should be.

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. As always, V, a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day to you all!