Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another trip & some great steals.

I'm going back to Vegas in just a matter of weeks!
 But this time it's with all of the managers that I work with and the owners of our
 "on the rise" company to celebrate our success of being at 100 percent occupancy for 18 months straight.  Lucky?absolutely.  But a girl can only own so many clothes for all these trips!

& I am known for being a big cheapy & also for not having ANY patience at all to "browse" through these messy mall stores.   So I found a cure for both of my problems.
Forever 21 online.

Here is what I purchased last night:
One sholder turquoise dress  $15.80

Smocked Embroidered Dress $16.80
Extra long tube top or dress $4.50.  FIVE DOLLARS!!!!
Check out some great deals at F21 here.

& From Victoria Secret another supportive bikini top for only $21.00
I saved 20 dollars and bought matching black bottoms from target for $8.99
Check out their sales here.

Amen for online deals right?!
 Hit those website ladies, because there are some amazing deals going on right now!


  1. Yay for awesome deals. Forever 21 is where I get my tank tops-$2.50!! Can'

  2. I love the one shoulder turquoise dress! Does it come in pink? you got some great deals lady!

  3. You're going to look stunning!

    I can't buy tops online, because i never know what they'll look like on ME!

    Vegas.. again?

    I could hate you..

    If I didnt love you! (and your blog!)


  4. and with the money you saved (on your aunto insurance... that sounded like one of those commercials!) you can play the slots!!!

  5. Your life is too much fun! I love the white dress btw!.

  6. Oh Fab Fab Fab..... They are just so gorgeous V..... ANd Vegas AGAIN!!!! Gee.... you enjoy V while i sulk somewhere.... sob sob sob

  7. this is a good post with cool snaps of and so fabulous...

    I like your blog and hey am following it

    and hope u likes my blog....)

  8. SO jealous of your trips! you found some really cute stuff at f21! and the best part is its cheap! that bikini top is super cute too! :)

  9. ABSOLUTELY. it's my new favorite thing to do, online shopping. why bother going to the stores, and have to walk around all day, and deal with messy bins and shelves, and wild ladies? online shopping to the rescue! LOVE the new buys. they will look SO lovely on you!

  10. great deals!! i love shopping online! its so much less stressful!

  11. That one shoulder dress is HOT. Too bad I have swimmer's shoulders and I would look like an ass in something like that. LOVE the embroidered one though! I need to do some shopping.

  12. Gotta ask since we're fairly similar on top-- have you found a strapless bra that actually WORKS? I <3 strapless desses, but I can never find strapless bras!

  13. You got some great deals! Now I'm going to have to check out Forever 21 and see what I can find...hmm....