Monday, July 19, 2010

Lovely Things

Today is my Monday, also known as my day off.
I visited my Grandmother
Had lunch with her and my brother
Cleaned my Bathroom
Cleaned out my car, vaccumed and all.
Did three loads of laundry
Took a Shower
Enjoyed a Tropical Treat to celebrate my upcoming trip & day off.

My Grandmother aka Yia-Yia also gave me a beautiful locket.
And of course, I put her picture in it.  It is vintage beauty at it's best.

Life is good today.


  1. Your life seems good everyday :) I love reading about it! I can't wait until I am as happy with life as you seem to be!

    The locket is stunning!!

  2. What a fun day.
    That drink looks amazing.
    Whats in it?


  3. How nice of your Yia-Yia to gift you this locket, it is beautiful! That drinks looks yummy!

  4. My car needs to be cleaned SOO bad! It'll probably take all day to clean the entire thing :(

    That locket is so pretty! I love it :)

  5. Your day was way more productive than mine. Love the locket!

  6. What a beautiful locket, and what a great person to get it from! That is something to treasure forever!! So sweet that you put her picture in it! Its so great that you take the time to spend with her! :) Family is SO important!

    Seems like you had a really great day!

  7. Aww that is so sweet! Aren't grandmas the best?


    Way to be productive! I love your bathroom. Want to come clean mine and my car? They both need it desperately...

  8. Ah!!! Beautiful V... really beautiful.. I haven't had a close relationship wd my grandma... and i dont regret it because they are the sort of people one would wanna stay away but so happy to see you have a beautiful relationship with yours... that is a beautiful locket.... just like from a classic story.. :-)

  9. That is a beautiful locket! I love lockets! And fruity drinks.

  10. I love that bathroom. :-) and the locket is very nice and classic. Love it! Your photography is getting better everyday!!! Yayyy

  11. That necklace is gorgeous! I love it! And the symbolism with your grandmother's picture is awesome.