Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BBQ Stress plus seeking suggestions

I have one and a half months to plan one of our communities biggest events held during the year
 The Annual McDonald Family BBQ. Dun Dun Dun......
This really is a big deal, we have family members, corporate employees, & the owners of the company in attendance. This isn't any regular BBQ though, this is like the Mother of all BBQ's... with a theme and decor and costumes and buffets and a bar and and and and EVERYTHING.

This is my first year hosting and putting together a BBQ as the Director of Personal Expressions. So its my ass if anything goes wrong.  Although I must say I have such a great team of managers willing to help me through-out the whole way. *amen*
Now, corporates rule is to go with whatever theme we want, as long as it's "All American". Every. Single. Year, we do the western theme. Easy as pie to execute and all our sister communities go with this as well. Exhibit A:

But this year, I am a new director and I want to bring something new and fresh to the table.  So, I ran it by my team and they LOVE IT!  and so do I.... so let me introduce you too.....
Our theme will be all about the 1940's and the Sailors Coming Home Era. 
This is a great challenge to take on, specially because I have a budget to work with and trying to keep things as unique as possible, yet simple all at the same time.  This is where I need my lovely blog friends suggestions!
Here's what I have so far..
*Front entry way: Life size cut out of famous kiss, background scene will be New York Buildings

*Cafe will be a ship, including port holes &... err that's all I have

* Costume, Dress Atire: Vintage Dresses, Rolled up khaki or jean pants, white t shirts, Rosie the riveter get up, over-alls, suspenders..sailor hats for all the residents & nurse caps. 

(ugh THESE WOULD BE PERFECT!  But absolutely does not fit in my budget)

For Decor:  Tea Stained Vintage American Flags
For the table decor, Empty Spam Cans with Candy from the 40's
Pictures of Uncle Sam
Yellow Ribbons (In honor of the soldiers)
Movie posters around the community from the 1940's

For Fun:  Vintage Temporary Tattoo's.

Seriously, I am really taking a chance with this, our whole team is.
The owners will either love it or hate it.

Now is your turn to help a girl out, any suggestion would be lovely! 
Thank you so much blog family :)


  1. I think you have a great start! I don't know much about that era but I will cheer you on :)

    I wish you lived closer, we have an awesome vintage store here. I could always go check it out and send pictures to you... Might be a little extreme but FedEx has overnight shipping!

  2. You are seriously brilliant. I am at a loss for ideas but I will be brainstorming for you!!! I love this.

    I love those vintage dresses you picked out, normally has some unique dresses that are budget friendly!

    I'll be getting back to you with more ideas

  3. i think what you have so far is awesome! im sure the change from a western theme will be much appreciated!

  4. What a fantastic idea! What about something Victory Garden related?

  5. This sounds incredible! I don't have anything right now.. but i'll keep thinking! i love themed parties!! ahhh you're fabulous!

  6. I love the idea. I love the black dress you picked out - the one you can't afford ;)

  7. I love it!! I wish I was invited :) I can't think of any more things, you're ideas are great!

  8. I love this era as well!!! I Think this is a fabulous idea! Good luck and I cant wait to hear about how this all unfolds!

  9. i love love LOVE this era! I'm actually shooting (I'm a photographer not an assassin) a 1950s inspired shoot in 2 weeks! Granted it's a little different but we're using parasols, big sun glasses and giant lollipops as props. I know that doesn't really help a ton but I can NOT wait to see photos of the party.

    PS- those sailor hats that nathan's hot dogs give out--- is it possible to get blank ones or customized ones of the company name or community? Those could be fun hand outs.

    -Kara @ and

  10. I wish I had some suggestions for you. The only thing I can think of is getting some art work or paintings that resemble what the fighter planes had painted on the side. Nose art and pin ups on the sides of the planes. Something tasteful of course :) Here is a link, please forgive me I think there are some exposed ladies on this

  11. I love your idea. I'll keep it in my mind in case I come up with some suggestions for you. Sounds like so much fun!!

  12. I love this idea and the era! I love the ideas you have so far and think everything will turn out great :) Make sure you take pics!

  13. I love the hair-dos from that time period. So cute!

  14. Love the blog very is fun and run-away home type with happy ending!

    keep 'em goin' ...cheers!