Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boob Tube Post

I usually don't post about TV shows, actually there's only two TV shows that I watch religiously and that's Breaking Bad & The Bachelor/Bachlorette (depending on the season)
But I have to post about this years Bachelorette with Ali Fedotowsky. It isn't jaw dropping exciting, but it works for me.  It entertains me well enough to fill the two hours before I go to bed.
  Although she's cute as a button... she laughs to damn much.  Not everything is that funny, come on now.

I must say that I am definitely team Dark Tall and Handsome aka Roberto. 

I was team Frank for a bit, but then I think he just turned into an emotional doofus. Sorry Frank.

I'd like to think that it will come down to these two. Ali loves franks personality and Witty charm, but she wants to sleep with Roberto... you can just tell how turned on she is every time he touches her.

Actually..... Roberto reminds me a lot of Kris.
Their relationship budded a lot like ours did, he's so handsome and charming that you can tell shes forcefully trying to control wanting to jump on him every minute.
again WINNER.

Okay but the real reason I am blogging about this, is because did you see the monstrosity that went down on last nights bachelorette with past Bachelor Jake and his ex-fiance Vienna Sausage?
Ok, I have to admit I actually took Vienna's side during the interview. Jake really does look like an under cover douche bag. I mean come on he was whining worse then a woman. Any man who tells his woman not to under mind him needs to take a second glance at the Lorenna Bobbitt story. & Vienna, I just feel sorry for her now, she got GIPPED... not only that but she GAVE HIM BACK THE RING ROCK!

LOL. What do you think?


  1. Loveee Roberto. He is just so easy on the eyes ;)

    Jake is a tool. Plain and simple. I didn't like Vienna during the season but I'm definitely on her side now. I feel bad for her too.

  2. i like roberto! and i am totally team vienna on this. jake looked like a total ass last night.

  3. I need to start watching these shows! EVERYOE blogs about it, and I never know whats going on!

  4. I just finished watching this episode (hail, hail DVR) Jake is the biggest d-bag. Nobody was team sausage err wiener but come on he just showed a lot of nasty true colors. And did anybody not think it was really strange that they haven't done the dirty?

  5. I hate Jake haha I am so sad that they came to this spot and I don't think anymore bachelor/ette will ever work out!

    For some reason I can't seem to like Roberto, I don't know why. I like Kirk!

  6. i havent really watched the show but i really wanted to see the jake and vienna interview! i guess i missed out :(

  7. I actually cant stand Ali, but I still watch it..go figure. Jake is also a huge tool, that interview made him look so bad. And yowza, what a ring!!

  8. you are right on the money. ali has bad hair and laughs too much.... but has an amazing wardrobe!