Sunday, September 19, 2010

BBQ & The Return of V

I have so missed blogging, it is unexplainable!  But I am back, and with me I bring pictures from an event that I have been stressing about since July.  The day after this extraordinary event took place, Kim and I took off to Hawaii, and those pictures will be the following post. Until then, Enjoy my event, through pictures.
Geoffrey ( the AD) and I spent three days making everything in the NY scene, including hand making the USO sign and everything inside the cafe turned USO.  Hard work always pays off.  Always.  We made a great team if I dont say so myself.

What I wore during the day, setting up for the Four PM event.
One of my residents, Paul Robert Smith, who agreed to dress up as Uncle Sam.  His own clothes, mind you.
The Executive Director, Nancy with Lorena Garcia and our staff of personal care givers as our Army Unit.
Geoffrey ( The Associate Director) and I, aka the constructors of the entire event.
Resident Liaison as our Rosie the Riveter
The ultimate part of the night, hired my brother Alex to dress up as an old lady, aka Margie.  To take pictures with the residents and all the "Big Wigs" of the company.  He was hilarious.  The pictures tell it all.

My residents soaked up the evening.  More then a handful told me that they felt like they were twenty again.  That, made my night. THAT was EXACTLY what I was going for .
Each resident was dressed up as either a nurse or sailor.  We made the night.
After a fair that I went to revolving around the 1940's, I got woman to come to our event dressed in their 45' attire.  The residents were soaking up the memories that came with their presence.
Margie, with the president of the company, Uncle Sam, and Lorena our DRS.
Even my Yia-Yia (grandma) joined in on the entire night.
My Dad and Denise came, as well as a surprise visit from my Uncle Fred and Auntie Nancy.  I was so glad that they got to come and witness my idea first hand.
Angelle Bertillio, one of my beautiful residents behind our photo prop.
Jessica Perini ( My Rregional Cconsultant) Andrina Scardini (My Senior Consultant), and Myself. 

The pictures that I don't have, (which I know someone has, but I am kicking myself for not having)
is the six vintage 1945 cars that were parked in front of the building to draw attention to our event.
A little apology to the city of San Leandro for being so annoying about getting those spots secured. But it was definitely the cherry on top of what everyone was walking into.

My hard work paid off, and having such a wonderful management team, who worked so hard with me to get everything done.   T H A N K Y O U.  We rocked it.  The owner of the company gave my own parents compliments and gave me even more faith when it comes to climbing this companies ladder. Yeee. So proud of myself and my most amazing team who helped me make it all happen.  Definitely set the pace for my FABULOUS vacation, stay tuned for the next blog.


  1. This looks incredible. Good work lady.

  2. That is such a cool idea and you can totally see how much fun everyone had!!! Congrats girly! That is truly something to be proud of!
    Cannot wait to see the fabulous vacay pictures :)

  3. Everything turned out great! Definitely be proud of it all!

  4. Lady, everything looks incredible! I'm sure everyone had a blast! You looked gorgeous as always! I can't wait to see the Hawaii pictures!

    And, yes, I do love True Blood! It's one of my fave shows, but it's over with for the year, did you see the season finale?

  5. Looks great girl!! The decorations are incredible and you look amazing!!!

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  7. V!! I almost peed my pants knowing you were back! It looks like SO much fun! You really did an amazing job! Eeeek! I am so excited you're back!

  8. you did an amazing job! glad to see you are back!

  9. Awww, you did an AMAZING JOB, V!!! CONGRATS!!! And welcome back. ^_^

  10. great job!
    Beautiful Pics!!! you did a great job, it is always good to make the older people feel younger. In that one pic uncle sam is being dirty... He is clearly staring at Margie's butt LOL...

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