Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Room Decor 2010

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! & an affordable one at that!

Look what I picked up at my local craft store, also known as Michaels.

Feather Light up Christmas Tree $9.99 ( could not resist this purchase)
Assorted Bright Ornaments - 30 piece - $8.99   - Old flower vases - Ribbon 50 cents.
Candle holder -had-

& it's even more beautiful at night :)

All in all I spent around twenty dollars.
Elegant and classy yet cheap.  They make a great three-some if I don't say so myself.


  1. Michael's is such a great store. And I LOVE your feather tree.... I'm seriously considering running over there tomorrow to see if my Michael's has the same one ^_^

    Very festive, Veronica. You're helping me get into the Christmas spirit!


  2. HOW CREATIVE, with that candle holder... well the whole thing actually but i love what you did with the candle holder!

  3. Michael's is awesome! Especially since they always have coupons. Looks good!

  4. What a sassy little tree. I made need to go buy this!!

  5. ahhh i love that feather tree!!! i want one!!

  6. So cute! Love that feather tree.