Thursday, December 9, 2010

Outfit of the day + A $6.00 Do it Your Self

Bought this little beauty at Forever 21 recently for a teeny tiny $17.99 . I love love love ruffles.

Someone told me once that ruffles are so hard to pull off, and to that I say ruffles can easily be pulled off and complimented by  three things...
1.Wavey Hair long or short ( they compliment and add to the different layers)
2. Dark pants paired with a kitten or high heel. (adds sexy-ness to class)
3. Standing Tall with Confidence.
 Nothing is sexier than that, ruffles or not anything can be pulled off with confidence.

Coming Soon :Someone asked for me to do a tutorial on how I do my hair (so flattered)
I am new to this myself, so I guess that's even better!

---- And now for a Holiday Do-It-Yourself----

Glitter Foliage Holiday Vase for $6.00
Makes for great decor, & even gifts!

What you will need

2 Bags Buffalo Snow Flakes - $4.00
One Stark White 
One Sparkle

Glitter Foliage
I bought four for 50 cents each at Michaels.

Old flower vase -had-
large or small depending on how many foliage pieces you have 

Layer snow on bottom, white first, sparkle follows.  Place foliage opostite of colors.



  1. I love ruffles. They're just so girly <3 And you're so right, they look better with wavy/curled hair.

    I mentioned you on my blog the other day :)


  2. Gorgeous ruffles, you look superb! And ZOMG that holiday vase is PERFECT!!!

  3. Totally agree on ruffles. I love any and all!

  4. I've got the same glitter leaves that I got from michaels too! I got purple and silver and put it in a clear vase aswell, but I filled mine with clear rocks! Love it.