Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A really good day

I had such a great day off.  The kind of care-free, Laid-back day that makes you thankful for life, and everything that you have.  From the moment that you're holding your loves hand in the mall, to the color of the leafs on the trees outside. 

Driving in the car on our way to a day of Christmas shopping...........
 I randomly told Kris "I am so thankful and blessed for everything that I am and have"
and what he said was so true.  He said ....." it is so hard to rationalize and stay focused on what we are all thankful for because life has a way of taking over. It takes a lot of work to mentally be aware of what we are thankful for".  I agree totally. Don't you?

 & This is the best time to start being aware and thankful for what we have.

Speaking of...... I am thankful for holiday nights in with the love, spent with a bottle of wine, good food and Christmas movies.

...........................I'm excited to make my new years resolution list.
 & only because I am so hopeful and eager for what I want to accomplish in 2011.


  1. That IS true. Your day sounds lovely! Right now, I can't say I'm in a laid back mood. Actually quite stressed, but I've always heard moving can do that to ya.

    But I feel hopeful and I know that REALLY, my destiny is in my hands. And I've always known and believed that, I just need to channel that energy. ^_^

    Also, YES. Nights in with my love and wine and movies is also one of MY favorite ways to spend any day! :D You and Kris rock!

  2. Wow, I love how you put that, or more so how Kris put it, because he's so right!

  3. I always seem to forget how lucky I am and to be grateful until this time a year. Kris is totally right on.
    Glad you had a good day, I could totally use an awesome bottole of wine, good food and a christmas movie right now!!

    PS- your not behind on my blogger button lol. I JUST made one like acouple days ago! But your sidebar is totally cute, loves it! :)

    && your pretty lucky to be in semi-warm weather; its FREEZING on the east coast, in the teens!!

    loveee ya bloggie bestie

  4. love this post.
    such a great reminder.
    cute photos girl!

  5. wha wha what kind of WINE is that? The fact that I want to buy it simply for the name is ridiculous but true. I'm currently scanning the movie guide now for Christmas movies to watch too.

  6. So true!!! I try to take time out each day to think of how lucky I am, but I get busy and before I know it the day is over! Love the pics.