Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FOREVER 21 G i v e A w a y.

There is nothing better then coming home from a wonderful day at work and seeing that UPS delivered my Forever21 goods on time like they were supposed to.

I am IN LOVE with the Lace Rose Dress that only cost $19.80!
The white shoes didn't quite do it for me, so I went with gold and was very much satisfied.
 Hurry up spring and get here soon! Weather willing... maybe I'll even wear it for Valentines Day.

The Poncho was a little smaller than I thought it would be, actually a lot smaller... but I love it none the less.
With the way this California weather is going hard at 74 degrees I might just wear this with shorts soon!

So since I loved my purchases so much, and instead of returning to Forever21.com and feeding my addiction to the point of  being broke, I decided to do a
The amount will be a surprise, of course it will exceed more then thirty.
It will be valid for Forever21, Heritage 1981, 21Men & Forever Girls
Rule of entry and qualifications:

1. You are a V follower
2.You Blog about the post
3. Comment on this Post

Double Entry:
Followers who tell friends about this give away and THEY comment your name will BOTH receive double entries.

Giveaways are such a great thing here in the blog world, they give the satisfaction of giving away something yourself as a blogger loves, its a generous act that gains you new blogs to read & more friends to make!

Entry ends February 15th & winner will be announced the 16th.
Winner picked via old school. - Names in a bucket.

Good Luck Lovers!


  1. I am a V follower, obviously! ^_^ And I am commenting. I'll do the post about this soon and than give you the linky!!!

  2. im definitely a follower :) and i love your forever 21 finds! i was just shopping online there today too...its so addicting!

    p.s. im setting up a post for tomorrow that i will be sure to include this giveaway!!

  3. And here is my link!: http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com/2011/01/forever-21-giveaway-hosted-by-awesome-v.html

  4. I so loved that dress... it is my absolute spring fantasy come true.

  5. I am a follower! I will post about this giveaway later on tonight! What a fab giveaway V!

  6. I'm a follower!!

    Your poncho turned out so cute too! I packed my lunch in my salad jiggler today, can't wait to try it !

  7. I'm a follower! I love the dress!

    I will post a blog tomorrow.

  8. Wow love the poncho! super cute how you paired it up too!

    oh and I'm a follower!

    I went into my first Forever 21 store a few weeks ago. They have some amazing stuff!

  9. me too, i think denzel is one of the best actors around right now!
    its a good watch!

  10. Beautiful! Such a fun giveaway. We have a 2 story Forever21 here in Texas and I try to avoid it at all cost... I spend so much money there. :/
    Anywhoo, I'm a follower and I'm about to post on my blog about the giveaway. :)

    -Ellie Grace

  11. I love all of your finds!! I am a follower and I am headed to do a blog about this right now!!!

  12. Too bad I would not look near as good in that dress as you do! :(

  13. V things are looking up! and they would look even better when the ups man delivers a nice forever 21 gift card! :) and im sure you remember that I follow you! and yes I did mention it in my post today!

  14. p.s. I love the gold shoes much better!

  15. I'm now a follower :) and Lauren (LOLA!) sent me here :)

  16. Ohhh I like this giveaway!! I'm always browsing Forever 21, but I try to keep the actual purchasing to a minimum!

  17. i'm a follower! i love all of forever 21's new spring stuff!

  18. I love Forever 21. Great giveaway. I'm already a follower and I send you the link about your giveaway soon. Hope I win...my fingers are crossed!!

  19. Love that dress. I'm actually off to go shop there now, so perhaps I'll buy it!
    I'm a new follower.

    here's my blog post: http://ateacupofwhimsy.blogspot.com/2011/02/win-little-love-in-form-of-forever21-gc.html

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  20. Who can say no to Forever 21. I'm a follower. Count me in!