Monday, January 24, 2011

A wonderful January weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend. The type of weekend that make you appreciate your days off from the worlds every day grind.
This weekend I.......

went to a Goodbye House Party for Kris's cousins V & Shiv, who are moving into a new house.They threw a party in honor of their 21 years spent in their old home, and welcoming their new one. What a great idea. Right?
Wii Danced my ass off at my best friend Kim's house. The guys even joined in on the fun.  & yes my brother beat me.  Shame.  I was a sceptic at first, but it is so addicting! If you haven't tried it, definitely do!
(Don't mind my fuzzy doctor Seuss socks.)
BBQ'd with Kris & the guys.... Woke up and had a champagne breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Made a trip to Costco where Kris insisted on laying on the mattresses, and where I insisted to take his picture.  Impulsively drove to San Francisco.
Shopped around, admired the beautiful displays.  Bought some new jeans.  A pair with bling buttons. Did the San Franciscan thing and had a hot dog. Wore Tennies (very rare for me). Got ideas from Macy's for work Decor.

Not pictured:
Two hour impulsive trip to Thunder Valley just to play roulette for one hour. Came up $40.00.

Watched five episodes one after another of DEXTER. Kris & I are obsessed.

(Oh my goodness people, if you have not been introduced to this addicting show, which has taken over every one's life who I know watches it... then DO IT. It is thee best TV show ever. Believe me...
You'll thank me.)
Had a sore throat and then drank chili tea & chili chicken soup and is now all better.

I wish this type of weekend to everyone.  I was only off work two days, yet it felt like double.


  1. I literally just wrote you the longest email!! sorry girlfriend! ahah
    Glad you had a nice weekend, looks like fun.
    I love random trips, good food and good friends!
    I like your boots. I hope the weather wasnt 75 when you were wearing them!

  2. I can't wait to have weekends like that. or a weekend period! Counting the months! but for now Ill be looking foward to next weekends post! lol!

  3. That's a really cute weekend photo collage. I may have to copy you!

    Loving the DR Seuss socks!

  4. hahah looks so fun!! your pictures crack me up!! I want to get Wii dance!! By the way, you are so tiny!!

  5. That is one jam packed weekend!! Sounds like you had fun :)

  6. Your pictures always look like a load of fun!!! Glad you are feeling better

  7. I can't believe January is almost over. And Dexter has been my obsession for the last few months. I LOVE IT!!