Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mandatory Online Shopping

Forever 21's website should band me seriously. It might as well have a huge banner on the home page that says "VERONICA! WELCOME! BUY EVERYTHING!".

 That website is effing addicting. I was actually really proud of myself this evening, after drooling all over my key board for almost twenty minutes of browsing I only decided to pick out two (affordable) great picks. 
I am super trying to save money right now, but a girl has to cloth herself right? Jeez.

Flower and Lace Floral Dress $19.80
Spring is coming! and that means spring dresses! I might as well look hot while I match the Easter eggs right?

Two Tone Poncho $17.00
 I am so into Poncho's right now, my step mom bought me one for Christmas that is knitted and I wear it like an obsessive kid. The best part of ponchos is that you can wear them in the cold weather, with boots and long shirts...or in the summer with shorts and a tank.

UPS better deliver my goods fast or else...


  1. I feel as though I'm not a normal girl in the 21st century...I've never bought any type of clothing, shoes, makeup etc online.. Shocker. The only thing I buy online are books and concert tickets haha I'm way too skeptical about sizing and fit. When I try stuff on in stores, it's bad enough. I take my usual size and then one under and one bigger into the fitting room.
    I don't know how you girls do it!

    Or maybe I'm just completely daft..

  2. I am obsessed with that dress. Please take pics of trying it on ASAP!! I wanna see how it look on!!

  3. Oh my heart goes out for the dress... It is so beautiful..

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  5. I unsubscribed to a lot of enewsletters I was getting from clothing stores for that same reason-I'd get to the website and want to buy everything I saw. Those two pieces are cute though and who says you can't treat yourself every now and then?

  6. I love ponchos too! I have probably half a dozen sitting in my closet!

  7. seriously love that poncho! super cute!

  8. Ughhhh I wish we lived closer so I could borrow your new clothes :)