Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the winner is ......

The Kindle 3 - Free 3G & Wifi.

I did it. I decided to go with the Kindle.  Here were my top deciding factors:
1. It fit my budget. I did my full research and it was more realistic for me to have a reader that had affordable books - Kindle took the running. (although you can share books on the Nook- with a two week limit, the only other person I know with a Nook is my Aunt Barb)

2. I plan on upgrading my Blackberry curve in June to a Blackberry Torch, which offers the same exact
"Brag Apps" that the Nook offers..... email, facebook, videos.. etc....

3. Kindle still gives me the option of surfing the web, although not in color....Listen to all the music I want, via downloaded on my computer to my AmazonKindle account. & Read tons of books with web back up in case anything ever goes wrong with my Kindle. PLUS.... battery life is the shit. I have 30 hours until my battery goes down just one bar. (compared to the Nook that is amazerful.)

-- All that matters is that I get my books---
I have pushed reading to the side, and reading is my absolute favorite past time.
Since I have gotten this Kindle, even in the little hours that I have had it... I have reunited with my love for reading, which inspires me to reconnect with my true passion, writing. I feel rejuvenated and motivated.

Now that I have a reader I love.... help me out...

What is your favorite book?


  1. I've been going back and forth about making the switch. I love having a bunch of books easy like that, but I just love my books. Can't wait to hear how you like it.

    And my favorite is Pride and Prejudice. I'm such a cliche. :)

  2. Whoa baby! Look at those eyelashes!!! (:

    Favorite book..... no way could I ever pick one. Hm. Depends on what you like.... I read science-y books... a LOT...... novels... I really liked Life of Pi, and Dry... that one is intense but very well written (and TRUE).

  3. p.s. what the heck?! No email...... you should email me,

    I made you something (:

  4. Yay for the kindle! Be sure to check out the free ebooks on amazon!

  5. EXCELLENT choice. I got a Kindle for Christmas and I'm totally addicted to it. I agree with Tara...there are some great free books out there to DL.

  6. Look into the 'hunger games' series! SO GOOD!

  7. I really love "The Help". It's a book that came out within the past year or so. SO GOOD!!! I could not put it down, which sucked because it was a pretty big book...but SOOO GOOOOOD!!!

    you will LOVE IT.


  9. "Fup," by Jim Dodge.