Friday, February 11, 2011

A great piece, Vday Sweetness & Give away.

This beyond beautiful Jacket by Andrea Behar was given to me as a gift from my Grandmother.  Before my Grandma, who if you already don't know has the best taste EVER.... gave me this jacket I had no idea who Andrea was, until I googled her and found out she is such a talented designer.  Seriously visit her site
I wear this jacket like it's no one's business.  To work, on the weekends, with high heels, with boots..etc.

The detail is incredible, and the design is enriching and unique.


Today I got a Valentines package in the mail from the Blog Bestie.
Katelyn is such an amazing girl and we hit it off from the moment our blogs met.  She is cute, young, funny, and so much like me! I just adore her and even though she's in Jersey and I'm in Cali, distance has not stopped us from being friends and getting to know each other.  Love you Katie and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that you picked out for me, I couldn't of done a better job myself.
I can't wait until my next trip to NEW YORK! Drinks for sure with this amazing lady.  Check her out!


Forever21 is having a 70 percent off sale and they mean it. Check it out here.
So many great deals, and what not a better time to enter my F21 Give away.
Remember, double entry to those who tell their friends and they comment your name.


  1. it's not my kind of jacket, but I do like it. & I love your nail polish :)

  2. Hii love! You look hot in that jacket! Its pretty.

    Glad you liked my gift.
    PS- I dont want you to think I'm not blogging with yours.. I already did :) its a scheduled post for Sunday!! whoop whoop <3

  3. I seriously love your fashion and your gramma's is amazing too! I am seriously considering highering you as my personal shopper/fashion person!

  4. That jacked is gorgeous! Looks great on you girl! got a great v-day package!

  5. I love the jacket! It's gorgeous!

  6. Awh!! love that jacket and absolutley love that you and Katie exchanged gifts!! So fun!

  7. Sorry I'm just now getting back to you about following me :)

    If you're logged into, when you visit my blog, along the top of the screen there are various things you can click on, i.e. follow, share, etc.. if you click on follow, that should do the trick! Thanks!

  8. I love the design on the jacket, I can see why you would want to wear it with everything. Oh by the way yes, that is where I live.

  9. loving the jacket!
    btw, you are gorgeous girly!

    p.s. new follower :)

  10. Love your blog! I found you through Katelyn at Jersey Blonde :)

    That jacket is gorgeous!! And the gift basket from Katelyn is so sweet!

    Lindsay @ Bella Cene'