Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Smokin V-day & Giveaway Winner

My Valentines day was wonderful.  & spending it with my Valentine was even more special.  I felt so lucky all day to be celebrating this holiday that is loved and loathed by many. Kris woke me very early with red roses, chocolates & the best part... a home made card! It was so special.
We had mimosas in bed and then headed off to the city for lunch....

It was such a rainy and cold day here in the bay, and I was NOT going to let some silly rain get in the way of wearing my dress... so I paired it with some jeans & WA LA.

I'm wearing the pair of Dolce & Gabana Sunglasses that Kris bought me for Vday! He picked them out with out any say from me. Thank goodness he has great taste. 

All in all I made out this Valentines.  Not only was I showered in love by my honey, but by my family & friends as well.  Kris honey, I know you read this blog like once a year, but Thank you so much b.  I text you this five minutes after you left me this morning but I just cant get over what a wonderful day we had. My favorite part was coming home for delivery pizza dinner & cuddling up in front of our TV for Dexter.
I love you & I am so grateful that you are mine and I am yours.

& now enough of all that gushy stuff..... old school names in a box drawing...
THE WINNER OF THE $40.00 Forever 21 Gift Card is...........
DRUM ROLL PLEASE...............


Congrats Star!
Email me your address so that I can mail this bad boy to you!

Hope you all had a lovely day weather it was spent with your lover or loved ones. <3


  1. How sweet! You and Kris always looks so stylish! Love all the stuff he gave you, the roses are gorgeous! I am so excited I won your giveaway! I will email you asap! Thanks girl!

  2. Looks like a fab valentines day, pretty girl! Congrats to Star!

  3. What a wonderful Valentine's day!! Love the glasses.

  4. You two are so cute...glad you had a great Valentine's day and I love the dress with the jeans. By the way your polka dot umbrella looks pretty awesome.

  5. I love the outfit, probably so much that I didn't mind all that gushy stuff. ;)

    Glad you spent it well


  6. beautiful pics & thank you for the comment on my blog. love the new shades. <3

  7. How did I note comment on this post earlier?!?!?!? LOVE the outfit! Sounds like you had a great day!!!

    I left you an award on my blog. ^_^

  8. Hi! I'm visiting from SITS!

    This is a terribly sweet entry. What a wonderful Valentine's Day! Beautiful flowers and dress!

  9. That food looks delicious. I love Tsing Tao. It's hard to find around here for some reason.

  10. Congrats Star! :)

    Looks like an amazing V-day! You guys are such a great looking couple!

  11. What a sweet boyfriend! And yes...he has great taste in fashion!

  12. So sweet! You two are adorable. :]

  13. What a wonderful Valentine you have!!