Friday, February 4, 2011

So, Kris asked me to be his Valentine yesterday.  He did this by blowing up a balloon, drawing a face on it, sticking it in my office and writing will you be mine on the side of it's helium head.  Oh yeah, and then he stuck the balloon under my jacket hood to really make it come alive.
Ok ok... so its not the most romantic way, and definitely a step down from when he covered my front lawn in a "will you be mine" sign with roses and the works.  But still.. It's the thought that counts.

So I thought why not ask him back, right? Love is afterall, a two way street.
So I bought us basketball tickets for later in the month, specifically Warriors tickets.
Created a cute flyer/card and then copied our ticket.

Here's the good part......

He automatically assumes that these are court side seats, seeing that I covered up all the other information except "Row 3". & then was completely excited and accepted to be my Valentine with a huge rush of excitement and an even bigger "HELL YES"

Here's the really good part......
These are not brag worthy seats, well they are pretty good... I mean they are INSIDE of the arena... and who needs an upclose and personal view of the sweaty cursing celebrity players when they provide you with a perfectly good HD big screen, beer and garlic fries in the not so expensive seats?

Damn. Did I fail? or did I fail not to enclose valuable info?

Kris is such a great man, I am sure he will understand...
 plus... He won't really know the difference the day of the game anyway
because I am definitely taking him to happy hour before we arrive :).

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  1. Garlic fries are quickly becoming my favorite sport watching food. Have fun!

  2. great gift!! Regardless of the seats, I think he'll love it anyway. I still need to get my boyfriends gift!!

  3. you two are two cute! i think he'll love it no matter where the seats are!

  4. I think the gesture is plenty! Lovely gift. :]

  5. haha... he was bad for assuming... you didn't fail! you scored either way :)

  6. How cute are you to?!?! Great gift.

  7. PS. that was supposed to be two!!