Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Candles underneath fresh yellow roses on a rainy day.
Baskets that make piles of this and that look presentable.

Remind you whats important wall words
& do it myself  yourself black and white magazine cut outs in black frames.

Every single journal of mine from the past six years. Writing is a passion of mine, and I have used writing as an escape from the world, maybe even a form of therapy I guess you could call it.  Reading back on these has been so strange for me, is it possible to find inspiration from the words of who you used to be?  Reading back on my journals, I actually found my self in awe about the unique realness and authenticity of my words.  " Do I still have that?" I ask myself. Is it possible that that innocent young girl  who would say whatever the hell she wants still exists in me? I mean I really sat there and was like, damn Veronica.... Thank you. Thank you for recording the good times, the anger, the bitchiness, the confusion, the gratefulness, the struggles, the good times, the loves and all the uncensored thoughts.

After reading all of my journals including my old online live journal, all of my collections of personal recollections of life has made me feel as if I have some sort of writers block, or is it just because I haven't exercised it enough?  One thing that I am so thankful for is that I actually took time out to chronicle my life, where I was in thatrandom point in my life.  I have shown myself how much I have grown and changed as a human being.  Its like seeing an old friend from years ago.  You think they are still the same until you really encounter them face to face and you have realized how much time has really passed.

Right now I am feeling:
Self Inspired (so exuberating)
Accomplished (from where I started)

Here is to writing so much more, to opening up more on my blog as who I am through my words, to all of those who have encountered what I have with reuniting with my passion and have been successful.


  1. Oh, those beautiful roses!!! And candles on a rainy day = ♥. Also, love the basket idea, so true! And the frames! Ahhhh!!!

    I don't have any past journals, but I have started keeping one NOW and it is so much fun!

  2. WOW! Your home looks beautiful! You should do some more interior design posts :)

  3. Hey! I am kinda new to blogspot, but I have been reading your page for a while, and I wanted to tell you how much I love your writing style!
    The flowers are gorgeous, and that wall above the tv is amazing!

    Have a great night~

  4. Very cool that you keep a journal and can look back. I do that somewhat with my blog but obviously don't get too personal.

  5. love this post! I just got some baskets for our bookshelf because I have WAY too many piles!

    I'm really loving your yellow roses with the candles! && holy WOAH I cant believe you wrote in all those journals..

    I'm upset we havent been emailing... I'm blaming it on myself. I went into a huge funk with my emails and my blog... But I have A LOT to tell you. I'm off tomorrow (Wednesday) soo I plan on writing you a novel ;) be ready.

    I missss my bloggie bff. But Ive been keeping up with your blog.. duh as always!

  7. I love how none of your notebooks are the same! What a great way to look back at who you were then - I'm pretty sure there are points in my past I'd want to not remember!

  8. Veronica, I wish I had kept all my diary from my teen years... it would be so interesting to see what I was thinking back then. (I think I was afraid someone would discover them and I must have destroyed the evidence)! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I am thrilled to be following you! xo

  9. I am amazed that you were able to be such a diligent journal writer! The roses are beautiful and I LOVE your blog header.

    Have a lovely day
    XO Kelsey

  10. Hello Veronica,

    I love your journals especially the purple ones!

    Take care.


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