Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is....
Crazy pictures circa 2008 when the sister best friend and I revolved our worlds around each other.
Miss those days.

..... After leaving work, approaching my car only to see that my love has written ILU on my car window. A simple gesture that in an instant makes every single stressful thing that I had dealt with through out  the day seem years away. & yet at the same time, brings me back to when we were first dating.
...... coming home after a warm California day, my room, a fresh rose scented sanctuary...kitty love and all.
Happiness is..... spending the early evening on the porch with a glass of Pinot and a Fish hungry man.
Life's about the simple things. Happiness is about the simple things.
..... having an amazing brother.  His ability to make me, and all others laugh comes so naturally. 

Happiness is so many different things for me.  It really is amazing when you really open your eyes in the aspect of living life to your full potential, the things you will see and the places those things will take you. I have worked hard with myself on focusing on things that I usually let slip through my fingers. Like for instance walking from my car to where ever I'm going, really stopping and taking a deep breath of fresh air, noticing the people and things around me.  Try it today, it really might make a difference to you, like it does to me.


  1. It feels like it has been forever! missed you :)
    Hope you are well and loved the new post!

  2. Looking back at old pictures always makes me smile-I was doing it last night actually!

  3. it looks as if your brother is just as good looking as you are! pretty siblings :)

    that wine looks amazing, the roses are beautiful, and your kitty is precious!!

    you are blessed!

  4. I do the same thing with taking a huge breath of fresh air, relax & enjoy 'the happy!'

  5. love this post... :)

    this week has been filled with lots of happiness for me.

  6. such a great post!!
    thanks for sharing! Happiness is definitely contagious.

  7. Great moments of happiness! Love the first picture!

  8. i love circa survive and these pictures! you have such a cute blog i'm happy i found it! if you get a chance you should check out my blog and follow if you like it {:
    your newest follower

  9. The simple things in life are for sure the best happiness of all