Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sally Hansens Salon Effects Review

Review for Sally Hansen's New Salon Nail Effects

When I first saw this while flipping through my monthly Cosmopolitan I thought to myself  "No way in hell could these nail effect thingys turn out just like these perfect, obviously photo shopped and airbrushed finger nails.No flippin way"

But I saw them at CVS I just couldn't help myself, I bought my first Nail Effects at regular retail price of
$9.99 in Misbehaved, and soon proved myself wrong.

Now please note: I don't believe in reviews of first time experiences with a product or place, I believe that everything deserves a second chance or second look, whether it be great or far from it before its reviewed in writing.  Well let me tell you... Sally Hansen should promote or kiss the ass of whomever invented these easy to apply little stickers of loveliness.

I loved them so much that when I went back to CVS and saw that they were buy one get one half off I squeeled and bought three.

Here's why I love them:
  • If you follow the easy to read instructions they are a sinch to put on.
  • No mess, no drying time.
  • They state they will last 10 days but,come on ladies,only women who do absolutely nothing that involves using their hands during the day can keep their manicures perfectfor that long. These babies lasted me one full week without any chipping or dullness, and I use my hands all day long.
  • If you choose the right size for your finger, and they give you sixteen strips, with double sided options for the perfect cuticle fit, so really there are 32 options.
They come with easy to read simple directions, cuticle stick, buffer and smoother.

  • Don't think you don't need to use the cuticle stick, use it and make sure all edges are pushed tightly to your nail.
  • BIG TIP - Cut them in half and you will get two sets out of one.
  • Want them off? Good ol' nail polish remover will get the job done.
  • Buff the tip of your finger nail even if it looks like it doesn't need it.

Onwards to your drugstores ladies! If you try them or have tried them let me know what you think.
Oh and... if their on sale, get two.

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  1. I had a post about these too and I loved them!! They are super fun and mine lasted for quite sometime and I still have 1/2 left because I did the same thing!! I really like the gold ones, I think that will be my choice next.

  2. I have been wanting to try these! Good to know you had a positive experience with them!

  3. Ooooo nice! But I don't think I could do it. Plus, I don't have as good of nails as you so it probably wouldn't work for me!

  4. I want to try these SO BAD and I hope Jen and I can pick up some soon!!! I adore the very first picture you have up, I want them in that pattern!

  5. I'm going to have to try these! I like the pink ones and the lace ones! Thaks for the heads up girl!

  6. I looove this. But my nails are so super tiny I can't so much with them!!

    I'm your new follower,btw :P

  7. these are so awesome. i've seen a lot of reviews on these and i'm dying to try them out. i think i just might :)

    thanks for sharing! your nails look great!

    i'm your newest follower! would love it if you stopped by and followed back if you'd like.

    <3, kandice

  8. Thanks for the review. I am going to go buy some!!! I love having my nails painted but hate having them chip after one day.

  9. these look amazing.
    ill def have to check these out now! <3

  10. So cute, I want the houndstooth print! Love the gold print you wore!

  11. I'm a bit excited about this...I love the designs. I think I'm going to Sally's tomorrow. Thanks for the review...and for the sweet comment. :)

  12. Those are awesome! Thanks for doing the test run! I'll have to try it out.

  13. Hey! Im glad you got my email. Yes, we've both been very busy. Try and email me this weekend?? :)
    I also saw these nail designs in a magazine and when I finally found them in the store I was unsure if I wanted to buy them or not. I'm super picky with my nail polish. I think the only one I'd like on myself are the pinks, and maybe the lace design? I dont know. I think their pretty cool though!

  14. wow your nails look super rad darling! thanks for following me back. your blog is super cool and thanks for the neat post i might have to try these bad boys out myself ;P

  15. i've used these before. they are pretty cool!