Saturday, April 23, 2011

Riding Stylish....

I think I may have a new obsession.... and its good for my health, my bank account and the environment. Triple greatness.  I have to be honest, I think its completely ridiculous that I live less then four blocks away from my work, yet I drive every day (taking the long way of course). Excuses for not walking only work when day light savings is pro early darkness.I am a lazy ass.
 But I think this will solve all of my dilemmas, and give me such an exciting reason to not drive......
Everybody knows that Now & Then circa 1995 made bikes completely cool. & I'm already the president of bringing them back... but my bike has to have a basket.
 Walmart's Cranbrook Cruiser - $89.00 - Not including the basket (which is imperative)
Hello next purchase.

Etsy Shop Bike Basket, which yes costs almost as much as the bike, but HELLO... Its adorable, and perfect! And since the deal on the bike is so damn good price doesn't matter....

or maybe I'll ask my Aunt who is the equivalent of a wizard at duplicating anything that has to do with hand work or sewing machines.... see Exhibit A...

Is this not wonderful work or not?  No patterns or any instructions, just by looking.  This women is amazing. Am I the only one that is lucky enough to have such a creative person in my life?

........Who else wants to join what I am now rightfully naming
Biking for Better-ness  ?
Send me your pictures or your stories..... I am determined!


  1. OH EM GEE!!! I saw the cranbrook cruiser at walmart when I was looking at bikes the other day too! I told my husband it has to have a basket. I live about 2 mile round trip to work and the grocery store is next to it. We shouldn't be driving! :D

  2. Have you ever seen the website: It seems like it would totally be up your alley! I agree baskets are a much!

  3. First off, LOVE that movie. Second, I have a pink beach cruiser with a black basket (I may just need to sew a cute liner for it). I am thinking of riding to work when it gets a little warmer!!

  4. Nice! :)

  5. Hey lady, random question...what's the name of the font you always use in your pictures? Like this one? I believe it's my same font for my blog title but I don't know what it's called! Do you?

  6. I LOVE LOVE that movie!

    havent spoken to you in ages! hope you are well xxx

  7. Not sure if I could pull off riding a bike like that...but I'll give it a try just for you. ;)

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I love love LOVE your blog! I've been reading it for ages, but not sure I've ever commented. I love how your posts are always full of great thoughts on life and love, and how your pictures always brighten up your posts. It's always a mood-lifting experience to spend some time reading your blog!!