Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A whole new beginning....

From this.... a wall bombarded by two large pieces of furniture, solid pieces which were constant statues in the room of where I've grown up. There comes a time in someones life when they need some sort of change, whether that be an environment change, emotional change, or physical change....
it comes knocking on the door of everyone one of us.... and recently to mine...... a knock that came in the change of  environment......
My best friend Kim decided to jump head first into re-inventing and refurbishing a beauty vanity that has been in her family for longer then our own time lines date back. A birthday present for none other than myself, and I couldn't of felt more honored. She painted it a chrome brown and reupholstered it..... This amazing piece of furniture inspired me to rearrange my entire room....
Yesterday we removed the GI-GAN-TA-SOAR-OUS armourer that once took up most of  the right side part of my abode.  Kim and I were on a mission to move it from my room, to my balcony... and we did it.
Hundred something pound, large ass hunk of wood, tilted and brought back up again outside.... 

(Don't hate on the gloves, when you move furniture that has sat for years, there is bound to be mounds of dust)

......Resulting in this....
a little love + wall art + new carpets = a whole new look on life... I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed waking up every morning in a changed environment, even it if has only changed a little.  It still lifts my spirit.

* A special thanks to my best friend.... my someone who is always willing to do whatever, no matter the time or day.... a someone who knows who I'm about, what I need to hear, and what I don't. I love you Kimi and I always will- Ronnie *


  1. I love the little bow on the chair and the chandelier on the wall, did you paint that??

    Much Love

  2. Looks great, the bow is adorable and so are you!! I need a vanity!!!

  3. This is awesome!!! You both did a great job. ^_^ And your room is SO SO SO PRETTY!!!

  4. it looks great!!!! good job ladies!

  5. I love the chandelier...your changes to the room look great!

  6. Wow, she did a great job on that vanity. It looks beautiful!

  7. Love the vanity! What a great place to get ready each morning!

  8. Love the chandelier wall art!

  9. I totally had a dream that vanity was mine and it was trapped in our garage!! haha

  10. Looks amazing! I really need to re-vamp my bedroom. I am getting so tired of it.

  11. It's funny how little changes can make a big difference!