Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa,

I love the Holidays, I really do.  But here's one thing I seriously feel uncomfortable about when it comes to this giving season.

I give you example A:
Them -"VERONICA! What do you want for Christmas?"
Me -" Uhhh I ....errr.... I don't want anything.... really"

Example B:
Me - "So is there anything you want for Christmas?"
Them - " No, I really don't want anything.... really"

So I'm putting a stop to it, by blogging exactly what I want, that way my future conversations will go like this...
Them - "VERONICA! What do you want for Christmas?"
Me - "Oh man, I can't think right now, but you can check out my blog I put a few things on there that I would like!"
Them -(hopefully) - "Oh awesome, so easy!"

So here it is

* An Ipad (very unlikely but I can wish right?)
*Nikon Lenses - 18-55 MM
*Gift cards to Forever 21 or Love Culture
* Long tank tops
* Long nnecklaces
*Scrap book goodies (I love to scrap book)
* OPI Nail Polish
* Picture Frames
*MAC makeup
*Target Gift Card
* Fuzzy Socks
*Comfy PJ's!
*Barnes and Nobles Gift Cards - Nook owner-
*A Million Dollars - thank you to whoever picks this one-
* Ugg boots

And everything else that is wonderful..... to vague ?
Ahhhhhh.... sigh of relief. 
Here is to avoiding that awkward moment.

- Ronnie

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I will permanently be residing here at Thank you for those who followed, and thank you who are still reading this blog and will continue to.


  1. Yay! You're coming back. That's so great :)

    I always respond with the same answer as well. I need to put a little notebook in my purse so that when I think of something that I want, I write it down and it can go on my Christmas list at the end of the year. That's IF I didn't give in and buy it myself!!

  2. Sounds like a great list!!! :) I see a few things I'd steal from your list. Also, glad you're back? Were you on wordpress when you switched? Oh btw...I've got a new blog I just started a few days ago. my old blog was deleted by accident and I lost all those years. Oh well. What can you do....

  3. I so badly want a new Nikon Lens too! I'm gonna write to Santa I think. Nobody else seems to be getting the hint!