Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flying the coop.

I've been away from blogging, I've been too wrapped up in all the things life likes to wrap one up in. Or you could also say I allowed life's extremes to take its course and keeping me from what I love the most....  Writing, and sharring and releasing. I had a hectic ten hour day at work today, I got home, poured myself a glass of wine and started going through all of the pictures on my computer, from years and years back.  I don't know what it is about pictures that inspire me to my core. Pictures are great at getting their job done, taking one back to that exact moment, but for me it does more then just that.  It enthuses the thoughts and feelings experienced at that same exact moment in time that pushes me to put words to a portrait.

And now I introduce to you what has taken over my life the past sixty days.......

Actually, my brother Alex and I are leaving the nest together, and that has been a blessing.  There comes a time for all children to leave their child-hood home, their safety zone, their parents, and the comfort of a familiar abode. I will admit it hasn't been an easy transition and for the most part a stressful one, but we manifested the perfect place and it found  us. An amazing two story  town house in a two mile radius of where we are now, and best of all its right up the street from work. The parents are moving to the valley and were staying where our lives are, and for that I am so grateful.

There were two ways I could of handled this, and I chose the positive one. I was never one, unlike a lot of my friends that I know, who were anxious to leave home.  I loved being near my family, knowing that I fell asleep in the same house that five other people were sleeping was a comfort to me. It's time now, I feel it in my soul that this is the right for us, that this is the place where we are supposed to be. And if you have ever felt that feeling, where your body and soul know before your brain then you know how amazing and undeniable it is. I am so excited for this adventure ahead of Alex and I, we are so stoked to have a place that is our own, and all of which will be reaped by our own hard work. And I.... I  have no words to express how lucky I am that I have the brother that I do, one that I know will keep me comforted and I know that I can lean on when the newness of our place might get a bit overwhelming.

UPDATE: I wrote the above post three weeks ago.  Moving is no joke, and it consumed my life. Were now settled in our new place, and it is perfect for us!  I couldn't be blessed with a more perfect place. Pictures to come in the following posts, but until then, pictures from a home that will forever live in my heart, and forever in my memories. - I still cant even drive through my old neighborhood yet.  The last time I was there I made sure that it wasn't when the entire house was empty. I want to remember it for what it was, and not what it is now, empty of it's family, awaiting a new one.

Onto another new and exciting chapter of our lives......


  1. So sooo, sooo many memories in this house. I will treasure those moments forever. And now so many more memories to come in the new condo!

  2. oh yeahhhh, and read my latest blog. The Leibster Award <3