Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Chapter.....

Our town house is far from where it was the day that picture was taken. Were settled in and everything is in its appropriate place, card board boxes long gone, and the chaos of our lives once misplaced and unorganized are put away in drawers, all tucked into a new tidy normal. The days are longer now, counting down the minutes until I can go home, to a home that is all mine, and that I must say is the best way of explaining how much this town house has made this new chapter of mine so easy to transition to. 

There are so many of my loved ones who have not seen my entire new abode, so in order to not spoil the entire thing, here are a few pictures of suspense.  Corners of my new home. A new home that I'd like to say shows through decor and nesting the essence of who I really am.

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  1. Whoot Hoot! Congrats on your move! We are decorating the entire house so soon it'll like we live in a new one :) How have you been???

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