Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cousin Runion : All Grown up

My busy-crazy-hectic-amazing-chaotic-fabulous life has gotten the best of me lately, and unfortunately Ive been unable to update this blog. But better late then never right?

Two weekends ago, two amazing people came together (Auntie Nancy & Uncle Fred) and decided that although our annual cousin sleep overs that were sacrificed because of jobs, school, distance, even age.... wasn't going to stop them from getting us all together given it has been well over six years since our last reunion. Even if it meant a few hours for some recollection, laughter and great food. Although this was unlike our annual two day sleepover extravaganza....every year it was a different destination, the same HUGE white van, the most intricate treasure hunts, pigs in a blanket, endless games of uno, late night laughter, a living room lost in sleeping bags, cupcakes galore, and Auntie Nancy's famous breakfast casserole and monkey bread. Those are just a few things that were apart of these amazing weekends that our Aunt and Uncle would put together for us. Each of my cousins, boys and girls looked forward to this every year, every Christmas we knew what was coming, the invitation, when the count down began to that fun filled weekend in February. One thing was for sure, each year we never wanted it to end. Unfortunately life has done a good job at intervening. We have all encountered what we thought would never come, we got Jobs, started college, got boy/girl friends, and our Legendary Aunt and Uncle became grandparents. Although this seems so sad that our annual sleep overs are well...over, it brings me unbelievable gratefulness to be able to look back at all the memories, that wouldn't of been made possible if it werent for Auntie Nancy and Uncle Fred. Oh how I love them so much, words can not explain how lucky I feel to have such devoted, loving, patient ( you try handling ten kids under 13 for 24 hours) people in my life.
Sooo..... When I got the email from My Aunt Nancy about the cousin reunion BBQ, I was more then delighted. I considered this another blessing that has come forth as a result of the sad times we have had to endure in the last month. The day finally came, and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to say that the entire day was nothing less then a complete success. Although we missed Jimmy and Thomas, we were all together....all in the same house, laughing, eating, sharing memories, and enjoying the two new additions to our cousin reunions, Baby's and Drinking. It was by far a day I will never forget, and although it wont be exactly like our old reunions, I am most definitely looking forward to next years BBQ.
Let it be known that this signmade by Uncle Fred originally said Drink Responsibly, The Irresponsibly was changed by the most infamous guest. Cousin Erik



The Girls, Kate, Me, Kell, Tiff, Sabrina

Having Kris there, and knowing that he saw how much my family means to me, meant the world.

BABIES............! Jackson



My Bean. We dressed exactly alike, from the shoes to the heart necklaces. This wasn't planned.

Love love love love love.

Another huge difference from the old reunions, the parents got to come.



A Family tradition that Auntie Nancy will never ever come to like.

All the cousins - some + new additions + lounging Uncle Paul + Auntie Nancy & Uncle Fred = a blissful day spent with the people who mean the most at the end of the day, family.
Thank you Auntie Nancy and Uncle Fred, for everything that you have done for us. You are loved extremely by all of us. Especially me =).

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