Monday, August 24, 2009

Mission: Prepare for Vegas

I'm finally going on vacation. Kris and I used to vacation all the time together.... New York, Hawaii, Monterrey, Tahoe.... and then the past two years life and certain circumstances have kept us from keeping up our much loved hobby. But finally we have found time in both of our busy schedules to retreat to a far away place together... (OK maybe just the next state) BUT STILL. Were retreating to a life of other then the one we have now full of glamour, fancy hotels, fine dining, beautiful pools and the best part... enough time to enjoy each others company. I cant wait to have him all to myself. We leave in less then three days... and Ive already started packing.....

The funny part... this only less then half of it......


and last but not least, the must have in Vegas... Bling Bling.

CANT WAIT!!!!!... is an understatement.

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