Monday, August 24, 2009

Nine to five, LUAU

One thing that I absolutely take pride in, is the events that go on at work. For those of you who don't know, I am the activity's assistant at a retirement/independent community for senior citizens. Of course with any job it has its ups and downs, and luckily for me more ups then down. I have to admit, senior citizens are no slice of pie to work with, some are just unbearable (think crankiness,pain,annoying,upset,aggressive) but others....others are the reason I wake up to come to work to be with. Sweet, caring, opinionated, and the best residents give you so much to learn from. Its ridiculous how much fun I can have at work, with my coworkers, my residents... and their family's. Just this Thursday we had our annual summer Luau. It was such a hit, I spent more then three hours decorating the entire first floor of our community, not to mention getting all the props and get up for the residents and employees.... it was a great afternoon, didn't sit down the entire time..... the best part?.... I got paid for enjoying every single minute, even to take fabulous pictures =)

Our Meal Dude
The delicious Hawaiin Desserts

The Delectible Buffet

Hawaiiain flowers that were spread through out the community

Ray, Mary, Alma, Inez and Angel.

Mary Lou and I ( Gotta Love the names of these residents)

Two of my most favorite residents and outstanding women, Helen and Loretta.

The front lobby that I decorated in sea shells, fish nets, and lanterns

Front Desk

Decorations along the hall ways......

Our dolphin ice sculpture that I was completely in love with.

The parrots that I hung in the lobby....


Hap and Lillian ( they are sooooo in love its soooo cute)

Even our resident kitty was in the spirit

Debbie and Roger.... and yes... some are a tad bit over affectionate at times *lol*

The Hula Girls that we had as entertainment for the afternoon....

The residents absolutely enjoyed every second....


Seven of my most cherished residents.... as well as our current resident council...
One things for sure...... I am so lucky to be able to have a job that I enjoy going to every day.... not only do I go to work to fulfill a duty... I go to hang out with the most honorable people.. the ones who have lived through their entire lives struggling through the same exact struggles that I am experiencing as I write this.

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  1. That activity looked like real fun! It's great for retirement homes (Pittsburgh) to hold such activities. I really think that age doesn't matter when it comes to learning and having fun. Our beloved senior citizens, like the younger ones like us, need the same things, such as hobbies that encourage them to continue learning and have fun at the same time. They shouldn't be stopped doing what they like by their retirement. Pennsylvania senior citizens can do whatever they want to uphold their welfare; they just have to choose the right retirement community.