Friday, October 16, 2009

IV "Love is what you have been through with somebody"

Tomorrow marks mine and Kris's four year anniversary. Kris and I first started dating October 17th, 2006. We had known each other for almost a year, we met at work...I was sixteen and he was 18. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but it was definitely lust. And boy we were so in lust. I cant compare our relationship to anything else that I know, because honestly I don't know anything else like us. Actually... I don't know anyone like him.
We have managed to turn our relationship into something so beautiful and genuine that its actually really hard for me to write about this right now, because well, its hard to write about something that makes you speechless.
Kris and I have in a way grown up together, matured together, and changed together. I always tell him that I cant believe how far we come, because it all still feels so new. We have done things completely different then the "normal couple"...we are far from cliche. We traveled to New York a little less then a year into our relationship without him even meeting my parents, he was 20 and I was 18. The next year we vacationed in Hawaii for a week at 19 and 21. From then on it was a different place each year.. Tahoe, Monterrey, and Las Vegas. It took him over three years to bring me home to his family, whom of which I now consider my own. Many of our friends and family are amazed at the pace that were going, but in my eyes, I wouldn't have it any other way. Its perfect for us.
Now lets talk a little bit about him. Sometimes Kris makes it hard for me to believe that he's even real. I have found myself the most respectful, genuine, loving, affectionate, honest, supporting, UNREAL OUT OF THIS WORLD man. He defines everything that a woman would want in a partner, he is respectful, loving, hard working, and isn't afraid to admit when he is wrong. I often find myself just wanting to thank him, thank him for always making sure that I have what I need, that I'm happy, that I have the best of everything, for loving me, and for being all mine, and my does that list go on.
He constantly makes me want to be a better person, to practice the traits, respects and beliefs that he has. We are connected, our minds, our hearts, our souls, our bodies. Everyday these connections grow and with that I know we are strengthening the fabric of our relationship. I thank god for for what we have every day and for how far we have come, and for everything that is in store for our future.
I couldn't be more blessed to spend the rest of my life with someone that I admire, adore, respect, and love to the complete core of my existence.
These pictures are in order (somewhat) of our time spent together so far...

2006, Our first trip to New York
Streets of NY

Hawaii 2007





Cooking me breakfast...

Helicopter ride over San Francisco for my 19th Birthday


New Years 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Las Vegas 2009
Santa Cruz Beach 2009


Love how he loves my family. Cousin Reunion 2009

Day at the park 200

fishing 2009
2009. One of our most recent pictures.

Happy Anniversary Kris ily.

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