Thursday, February 25, 2010

Attraction Principles

Again I will be quoting another true to the fact principle by Sherry Argov.
  My last post about her can be found here.

# 42.

"When you are HAPPY; and he is always free to GO; He feels LUCKY"

Tonight, I let him go. I spent all day at work, huffing and puffing around my community getting shit done because I was so excited to be with him after the long day... the traffic... the stress!

And what happens? He spends an hour an half with me and then suddenly needs to throw awaya truck load of trash by tomorrow. Ummmmmmmmmmm. wtf?

Alright here's how it actually went down:

Do what you need to sweetheart, actually.... sure I'll go with you....
Oh you cant throw it away here and you have to drive over the bay
 in able to throw the truck load away? DARN!
That's ok B, we'll see each other some other time.

Here's what actually happened in my mind:




But Sherry, thanks to you I handled it the way I was supposed to.

I Let him go and take care of business, in fact I had a lot of other things to take care of anyway, it wasn't like I cleared a CLEAR schedule for him or anything like that. *ahem*.

I know that he appreciates my patience with him, even though he might not think I need any, because after all woman should be understanding and perfect all the time right?. LOL

Our time will come...... and when it does, no matter how it ends... I will be happy no matter how it goes down, because I love him, and because I want to keep him feeling lucky.

...... then again there's always Principle # 49

"When you stay just outside his reach,
He'll stay on his best behavior."

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