Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Cosmo...... F You.

Yesterday I received my monthly Cosmo in the mail. So of course, I bring it to bed with me to flip through during commercials. So I'm doing my thing, minding my own business, although very disturbed about how many advertisements there were. I mean really Cosmo, has the economy put you in such a crappy situation that your going to have fifteen pages IN A ROW just to fuel what you have left. Its starting to make me consider prescribing to GQ or In Style. Get your stuff together!

So ANYWAY....... I'm flipping through their pages and I come across one of their ( way too) many advertisements... and I spot this... I had to stop and take pictures it was so disturbing to me.....

Advertisement by: Simon G

Picture: Diamond ring with gift tag attached

Reading: "Virtually eliminates cheating, since you'll never want to take it off" - Simon G

There’s two people that I feel the need to address when I read this.......

1. Dear Simon G..... Your an idiot. Really? REALLY? like someone is really going to be tempted by someone else and tell them..." Ummm wait wait wait, sorry I can't sleep with you... not because I love my husband or wife, but because this ring is so damn sexy I just cant part with it... "

2. Dear Cosmo. YOU SUCK! Why in the heck would you support such an add? I had much more faith in you. stoooooooooopid. So I did what made me feel the most accomplished, I let Chloe sit all over it.


  1. I agree. Cosmo should definitely go f itself.

    I mean, what business is it of theirs if I have sensitive nipples?

  2. Haha, I burst out laughing at the last picture. So appropriate!

    And what an awful ad! Some of these advertisers are just getting ridiculous, and really stupid.

  3. hahahaha. this was an amazing post. that indeed is a stupid ad.

  4. Shame on Cosmo! If someone is going to cheat some diamonds aren't going to stop them. Chloe looks quite comfortable in carrying out your vengence. :) New to your blog-love it!