Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentines Day

Kris and I decided to spend Valentines day as casual and comfortable as possible. Who needs fancy restaurants and diamond rings when you have a brand new plasma TV, champagne and a puzzle. Psssh.
We decided that we weren't going to buy each other presents... not because we spent a grip on our new TV but because we just didn’t need to ... right? right. So of course I went ahead and got him something... nothing big just a little token of my love. I came up with the best idea! I actually contemplated putting it on the blog, because its so good, but I'm nice like that. I thought about what would be the equivalent of a bouquet of roses for a woman... for a man. What do men love just as much as us woman? BEER! So I made him a bouquet of beer! I bought eight different kinds of beer and put them in a basket. HE LOVED IT! He loved it so much he kissed it! (see picture). Muahahaha. Go on and take my idea, its too good to keep all to myself, just give me a little credit will ya?

So we as in Kris, Chloe and I... Spent all day, and I mean ALL day in bed. We watched at least six movies... ordered in Chinese for lunch, for dinner we made sandwiches and of course we toasted with a glass of champagne. Followed by a Harry Potter Puzzle while watching the Olympics & eating popsicles.

Go ahead laugh all you want, but that’s how we roll.. the simplest things are the most romantic to us.

Ps. I am so in love with this man, It's light weight really ridiculous.

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