Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old School

Do you ever find your self going through old pictures from a few years back and find yourself asking
"Damn what happened to those days? Where did they go? Where was I when they went?"

So as we all know, I have officially been promoted to a different facility....
yesterday morning I had to stop by my "old" job to pick up my employee file.  Kim .......
(*in total valley girl voice* "WHO IS LIKE MY BESTEST FRIEND FOREVER".)
Ahem... Kim... ran it out to me.  The minute she walked out the door I seriously had tears in my eyes.
"Grab it say you love her and pull away FAST".

Damn how I miss her.  Its hard going from seeing your other half every single day to merely talking/texting with her once and in awhile.  Which has brought me to realize how much I really love this girl.  She has changed my life, she has given me courage... hope... strength....a shoulder to lean on.... humor.....memories... and always a good time.

God made her for me, and me for her.  I am positive about this. I hope everyone out there has a Kim.. because if you don't... I don't know how you survive.

This post is dedicated to Ditty.

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