Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Growing up : Part II

This is basically what my night looked like once I got into bed last night.  Art of growing up,  April Cosmo and the best damn chocolate biscuit cookies in the world. MMMM!

So onto part II:
Chapter One:  The art of beginning

Favorite quotes through out the chapter:

"Absence makes the proverbial heart grow fonder, giving you the chance to savor again a taste you thought was long forgotten"

"We come of age not by accumulating experiences- but by trading impermanent objects for permanen recollections."

"In order to keep eerything, we have to be willing to let go of it all"

"You begin to grow up when it dawns on you that all your alleged setbacks are in fact opportunities.  But don't say "live and learn".  Instead, deal with your problems with a healthy dose of 'live and unlearn' attitude."

"Curiosity is the best cure for disappointments."

All I can say is that I aboslutely agree, and those words are again so true and of course struck a cord for me.
And yes, I write in my books.  Who ever taught you that writing in books is disrespectful was taught by the wrong people! I write in my books so that I can remember what really stood out to me at a certain time, and so that other people who read them can note the same thing.

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