Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Cosmo......F YOU PART TWO.

If your an avid reader of my blog, then you would remember this angry *flips the bird* post from February.

Cosmo, you are so letting me down.... and here we go again another F you post.
and coincendently, its because of the same ad!

So I get my monthly cosmo in the mail, and this night is so exciting for me because I love love love getting into my comfy bed and flipping through their pages as I watch some down right bad for me boob tube.


If you cant read it the gift tag reads "Make sure he see's what you did with the settlement. - SimonG."

UMM...... sorry Simon, but did you forget what your add was in February?.....
Gift card reads:"Virtually eliminates cheating, since you'll never want to take it off- SimonG"

Yeah......that's definitely marketing at it's best. Contradict your last add. Very smart.

Not to mention that your still an idiot, but that your adds are RIDICULOUS.

Although........... I must admit, very nice strategy in making your adds controversial. Its for sure got me talking, but here's a question... how many people are going to be talking about how idiotic your adds are compared to the people buying your product. Riiiiight.



  1. Urgh, this is a lot I see in Cosmo that pisses me off. I think these ads are RIDICULOUS!

    I have also gotten pissed over them making it sound as if only men play video games. At least in some of their issues a few years ago.

    Plus they are always talking about harmless flirting and keeping secrets from your partner. Hell no. I do not flirt with anyone but my wife and everything I know about myself, she knows and vice versa!

  2. Excuse me, but this is just stupid! First of all with a settlement I would NOT be buying a diamond ring, everytime I look at that ring I would be thinking "Oh one last gift from my ex" I would think the true revenge would be to go out and buy that ring with your own cold hard cash to prove to an ex that you don't need HIS money because you can make your own. I hope that you made your cat rub its butt on this ad also :)