Thursday, March 4, 2010

Traffic Tunes

These following songs come to me from the movie500 days of Summer.

(thank you Kim for burning this CD for me)
I've listened to this CD over and over and over again for the past week. It is SO GOOD
I highly recommend it.

These are my top favorite songs... Check em out.

Four words.... It'll grow on you.
This song toally makes me NEED a situation where I can play this and have Kris walk into a room towards me.  Listen and you'll get what I mean.  Its like a reverse walk down the Isle Song.
This song IS AMAZING!

The last one is probably my favorite. 
Sia is an amazing artist and she's currently on my "Need to have that CD" list.


  1. thanks for checking out my blog!

    Sia is amazing! I'm going to see her live FINALLY next month and I absolutely can't wait!

  2. The song "Sweet Disposition" is the soundtrack of my life right now. I watched this movie not so long ago, probably last week, spent all of it crying every time a new song came on. lol..Excellent soundtrack...